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Exclusive to members, FDEA's Member Research resource is delivered, in partnership with Statista, one of the world‘s leading online statistics portals for researching figures, data and factual information. Members can benefit from our access to a dedicated research team as well as a vast library of research reports.

The data we can provide for you covers a huge range of food and drink product areas and markets around the world as well as a growing resource on Ecommerce and consumer purchasing behavior.,

International Market and Category Insights  

Detailed analysis (covering retail, foodservice and Ecommerce): £50 + VAT per report .  This is a significant discount on the cost of sources these off the shelf reports direct from Statista.  
Premium Members can use their £600 country and category data allowance towards these costs. 

Reports currently available by product sector or market - click here to view full Excel list  - this will be regularly updated as more Statista dossiers become available to us.

The database is extensive so if you cannot find a report for a specific product or market please contact us via the research@ukfdea.com email and we will endeavour to find this for you!  A free sample report can be downloaded from the link below to see the quality of data that we can provide:


   US Frozen Desserts 2016  Click here to download sample

Market Coverage:

The core market are North America, EU28 and an increasing range of reports for Asia (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines,Singapore, S.Korea, Thailand, Vietnam).

Product and Sector Categories available:

Alcoholic Drinks 



Beer  Milk Products  Food & Nutrition
Spirits  Meat Products  Food Retail 
Wine  Processed Fish and Seafood  Food Shopping Behaviour
Cider, Perry and Rice Wine  Vegetables, Fruits and Potatoes  Snack Foods Industry 
Non-Alcoholic Drinks  Bread and Bakery Products  Fruit Consumption 
Bottled Water  Pasta and Rice  Restaurants
Soft Drinks  Sauces and Condiments  Travel, Tourism, Hospitality
Juices  Convenience  E Commerce
Breakfast Products 

Hot Drinks 

Coffee  Snack Food 
Tea  Baby Food 
Cocoa  Pet Food 


  • Specific data searches, e.g. organic snacks in the Nordics, North American market for confectionery, cheese in Asia, E-commerce in Asia: From £250 + VAT for a report in PowerPoint of around 60 pages*
  • Our team can also deliver more in-depth bespoke research to meet your brief including market entry options and partner searches. Cost will be agreed in advance.

HOW TO ORDER (Members only)

1. To order off the shelf reports from this list CLICK HERE to access the list of reports.  Select the reports you wish to purchase and the total amount due.   An email will then be sent to you with a link to our Paypal account to payonline.  Once payment is received, your reports will be sent electronically in pdf format.

2. *For quotes for bespoke reports please email research@ukfdea.com with a brief description of what you are looking for. We to confirm availability and the cost as well as time scales.

Premium Members can use their £600 country and category data allowance towards these costs
This will be managed when you come to pay for reports

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