• 07 May 2015 6:14 PM | Elsa Fairbanks (Administrator)

     5 June  - FDEA Roundtable with Soil Association, Bristol
    Exploring opportunities for organic foods in world markets

    10 September -  Selling to the international foodservice, travel and tourism sectors   
    One day event focusing on :

  • 09 Apr 2015 1:55 PM | Anonymous

    US sales of specialty foods blasted through the $100bn barrier in 2014, with retail ($85.5bn) and foodservice sales ($24bn) combined hitting $109.5bn, up 10.3% on 2013 sales of $99.3bn, according to a new report from the Specialty Food Association using data from Mintel International and SPINS/IRI.

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  • 02 Apr 2015 12:49 PM | Anonymous

    Last month a small group of FDEA members met with Sergey Tyagunov, Senior Trade Officer at the British Embassy in Moscow during his visit to Manchester. We had the opportunity to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that exist in this vast market of over 140 million people.

    We discussed the sanctions and Sergey reminded us of the list of products that are affected. These are basically primary products like meat, fish, vegetable and dairy and whilst this remains an issue especially for cheese producers, does not affect value added products, so for most members, the market is still open.

    It is recommended that UK companies focus initially on the large cities and then possibly move on to areas like the Urals.  Therefore companies need to check where any potential partners have sales and distribution structures in place and it may be necessary to have more than one importer.

    Particular opportunities exist for the following product areas:  Organic ;  Premium Chocolate;  Snacks:  Free From:  Craft beer (330 ml preferred)

    Sergey made the point very strongly that Russians are very curious consumers and stressed the Importance of social media and recommendations from friends when developing a market entry plan 

    Product Registration / Certification (GOST):

    The Certificate of Conformity is an official document confirming compliance of goods that are subject to certification of standard quality and safety. These are specified by current regulations (GOSTs and technical regulations of the Russian Federation). The GOST R system dates back to the time of the Soviet Union. At present, this system still remains relevant and is used within the territory of the Russian Federation and applies to all food and drink imports.

    The UKTI team in Russia can advise on companies that provide certification services.


    Many companies mentioned the challenges of getting samples into Russia in order to get through the Product Registration and Certification process and Sergey suggests that rather than using courier service for delivering samples, the solution here is to use a freight forwarder (transportation company) experienced in dealing with Russia (and he will provide us with some contact). What is also useful – to write clearly in an appropriate field in the documents that these are ‘SAMPLES FOR CERTIFICATION’.


    Food Products labelling and packaging in Russia.

    Sergey has sent us a fairly detail summary which we will be happy to forward on request but meanwhile here are some of the highlights:

     The general requirements for labelling food products are stipulated in the Federal Law “On Protecting Consumer Rights.” However, the details on labelling are prescribed by special GOSTs.

    All the information listed below ought to be present in the technical documentation printed on labels of commodities for consumers. Products are required to have labelling and relevant information in Russian.

    In general, the information  required on labels is very similar to the requirements within the EU plus reference to the regulatory document or technical specifications the product complies with and can be identified by:    Conformity stamp;  Certification information;

    In addition to the general information required for the majority of imported products, there are specific requirements for alcohol.

    With the country showing healthy growth both in size and affluence Russia is clearly a market that cannot be ignored.  According to IGD by the end of 2015 Russia will rank as the 4th largest grocery retail market after China, US and India. 

    You can contact Sergey directly via email - and please contact to receive the more detailed Food Labelling and Packaging Summary

  • 27 Nov 2014 10:01 AM | Anonymous

    A Nielsen Global Survey of Private Label polled more than 30,000 internet respondents in 60 countries to understand how consumer perceptions about private label quality, value, assortment and packaging translate into sales around the world.

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    ource European Supermarket magazine

  • 27 Nov 2014 9:47 AM | Anonymous

    Clear labelling and convenience are 2 of the top 5 trends that will dominate the food and drink industry in 2015.

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  • 16 Oct 2014 4:52 PM | Elsa Fairbanks (Administrator)

    Taste of Britain 2015

    The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) will be hosting a campaign to promote UK food and drink products throughout Thailand in Q1 of 2015.  They will be working with one of the largest food retailers in the country together with local distributors to bring  UK food and drink products to Thailand.

    To submit your company’s profile and product information to this campaign in Thailand, please contact Ching Li Archer, Project Manager, International UK Business Network, BCCT:

  • 02 Oct 2014 5:10 PM | Anonymous
    Companies with US interests to re-register their facilities with the FDA before year end.

    The U.S. Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 require that food facilities (other than private homes and individual farms) producing, storing or otherwise handling food products intended for sale in U.S. interstate commerce be registered with FDA. Registration of facilities can be performed on the internet, and is free of charge.

    For information and instructions on how to register a facility, please see FDA’s web page on the subject at the following link: To register on line, go to

    Facility Registration:

  • 15 Sep 2014 9:36 AM | Anonymous
    France's fifth- and sixth-largest retailers, Auchan and Système U, are to team up on buying - with the companies to work together when dealing with international brands.

    Auchan and Système U said the agreement would not cover fresh produce, some cheese products, bakery lines, meat and seafood.

    The deal will also exclude private label, which accounts for 25% of the two retailers' sales on average.

    The grocers sought to further emphasise their independence with the insistence that they would continue to operate independently on setting the product ranges available in their stores and on setting price and promotion policy.

    However, the fact Auchan and Système U are to work together on some buying is likely to cause some furrowed brows at manufacturers.

    And not just about the prospect of negotiating buying terms with - on paper - a stronger entity.

    By working together on buying, Auchan and Système U could divert the savings they make into pricing and promotions as they look to trade more effectively in some tough trading conditions in France.

    Announcing the deal, Auchan said the agreement came amid "a difficult economic context of value-destroying deflation, with no prospect that would change in the medium term".


  • 26 Aug 2014 10:52 AM | Anonymous
    In a decree issued on 20 August, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that salmon & trout fry, lactose-free milk & milk products, hybrid sugar maize, peas for planting, seed potatoes & seed onions are now excluded from the list of banned products. The Russian government also relaxed imports of selected food additives, vitamin-mineral complexes, flavour additives & protein concentrates (of animal & plant origin), as well as biologically active supplements.

  • 07 Aug 2014 4:03 PM | Anonymous

    View the list of agricultural products, raw materials and foodstuffs originating from the European Union that are banned for imports to the Russian Federation for a period of one year

    Keep up to date with the latest DEFRA announcements on the sanctions

    click here to access the DEFRA website

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